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Paris Barclay: Her one email said, “Why did Juice have to get beat up?” That was the thing that upset her.

Kurt Sutter: Moms love Juice.

PB: They do love Juice. Everything else— she didn’t even mention the school shooting and kids that were slaughtered by an AK-47. But she was upset that Juicy got punched like this. She did not want to see that.

~Paris Barclay’s mother’s review of the Season 6 premiere.(DVD commentary for 6x01 Straw)

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"I’ve taken a period of time off of acting, I was really frustrated with where I was and my career. I’ve gotten to a point where really serious film makers who wanted to work with me, saw some of my work and were interested in collaborating with me, they sent me material and I got really really excited about it. Then the studio would turn around and say they didn’t feel like I was a big enough star or viable enough commodity, to be crass about it. So I just decided I needed to do something for myself to track back some kind of control of my life. So I’ve been writing, had not really auditioned or read a script for probably about 18 months. And I came back from the hiatus, the first thing I read was Sons of Anarchy. I just thought the quality of the writing and the originality of the idea of the world he’s (Kurt Sutter) trying to create was so much more interesting than the vast majority of the stuff I’ve read up to that point." (x)

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"Part of being in this high-stakes world that’s being created in Sons of Anarchy is that you’re gonna lose people. That’s what creates the drama."  ~iTunes Special Look: Sons of Anarchy Final Season

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