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It was a really big scene for me where I basically come in and spell out what the future of the club is gonna be. I just said “Guys do you mind just coming in and running the scene with me three or four times? Let’s just talk about it.” Because we just came back from a six months hiatus. That’s the kind of stuff that makes it really fun when everybody shows up, eager to support and help each other. (SOA S7: Special Look)

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Tommy Flanagan: In that real world, I don’t imagine this charming young fellow would still be kicking. To me, he’s my prospect. In my mind, I brought him in. Kurt might disagree. To me, he’s always been my kid. So, I have to forgive him. Much as I fucking loathe him, I have to forgive him.

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Paris Barclay: Her one email said, “Why did Juice have to get beat up?” That was the thing that upset her.

Kurt Sutter: Moms love Juice.

PB: They do love Juice. Everything else— she didn’t even mention the school shooting and kids that were slaughtered by an AK-47. But she was upset that Juicy got punched like this. She did not want to see that.

~Paris Barclay’s mother’s review of the Season 6 premiere.(DVD commentary for 6x01 Straw)

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